Our love for portrait photography

Our portrait sessions are super flexible. Portrait photography can be for anyone, or anything. Let us join you in a family photoshoot, or capture your senior at their best. We love being a part of engagements, and are suckers for pets and children. Contact us so that we may work together in getting everything set how you'd like, especailly if there is a style you're after.

Basic portrait sessions


1 - 2 hours of shooting

1 location

Online and USB delivery

Premium portrait sessions


2 - 3 hours of shooting

2 - 3 locations

Online and USB delivery

Printed Photo Book

Our premium portrait sessions are designed to cover everything and anything you may need. For a proposal, we can spend the extra time to work with you, remain hidden, and capture the surprise in all of its glory. If you want to spend extra time taking photos, or drive to more locations, this package may also be for you.